Monday, May 15, 2017

Free At Last!

I am sorry I have been gone so long and had this blog shut down.  But it was needed for awhile.

I decided it was time to come back and let you know my wonderful news!

As most of you know I have suffered with a lot of pain since 1994 and it has not gotten any better except for some of the time I took biologics for my RA.

Nothing seemed to work for my Fibromyalgia.  I have recently taken some bad falls and have hurt myself badly...It seems that because of the pain I am not lifting my feet correctly and I have basically tripped twice now.  I have damaged the Sacral nerves on my left side, and it is excruciating!  Basically pain pills and a tens unit was all that helped.

So after being pretty disillusioned and kicked out of a practice where I had been a patient for over 20 years, I finally decided to try a pain clinic.

I went to a place called Arizona Pain.  I saw a doctor who listened and asked questions and came to a conclusion that I need three different meds. A pain patch that gives me a small dose of a narcotic every hour, a Gabapetin pill for the Fibro and a new Ibuprofen pill wrapped in fomotodine.
It too about a week, but one morning I woke up, took my meds and an hour later I was PAIN FREE!

Pain free...for the first time in 25+ years.  I figured it was just a really good day, even though I had never had one like it...and every day since has been the same...I have energy, I did the grocery shopping today, I haven't done that in years without it exhausting me and putting me in bed with pain.
On Mother's Day I even RAN for about 20 feet!  Just to see if I was amazing, my son Bryan and I had such a laugh over it!

I am hopeful that this is my life from here on in...I might have gotten to this point at 63...but whatever time I have left will be wonderful!

My hopes:
Start walking in the pool here and get some weight off.
Go see my friend in Colorado and ride a horse!
Be involved with life again!

I am so glad to be back here, on my sweet blog and hopefully some of my friends are still around...

Thanks for stopping by,
All photos courtesy of Google

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Like stepping out into sunshine again...

I had finally gotten to a point where I could go through all of my fall and Halloween craft goodies and came upon this little booklet....

I had started with a FB  and Youtube group called "Listers gotta List", she gave us prompts every month and then we could journal. This was a new idea for me and I had latched onto it pretty strong... It was such a shock to see this as I had just started a bit late in September.  But I was so enjoying it... then Chris had got his cancer diagnosis....I should have journaled through the whole process but I just couldn't put the words on paper....made it too real, too scary at the time.

Literally our world stopped as we knew it....all of the joys and hardships of our lives went away...and we went just into survival mode....chemo, hellacious surgery, more chemo, infections, poor blood counts, all of it just became our only existence.  To keep him alive and have him survive this onslaught! 
We are all struggling to get back to life, and frankly so happy for the struggle....Chris is doing so well ( thank you all) and recently had an MRI and CT of his chest as bone cancer of his kind goes there a was totally normal!  ( Thank you again ) He is in PT for strength in that leg and chomping at the bit to get back to his life....this is where the patience comes in....we are not done with this particular road we travel but I can see the junction ahead.  But we can breathe again...almost a year to the date we are back into everyday life and it is so sweet....

And so, this morning I am grateful for this chance to begin again.....

For me, this photo says it all....blank pages... waiting to be inspired and filled with the joy of living...again!

Thanks for stopping by....


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